Consider the mature height and spread of the tree. the little oak tree now, planted a short distance from your house, could become a hazard during storms 30 years from now. Either plant it farther away, or plant a tree that will mature to something smaller. When planting a container tree, tease out the roots into the planting hole. If they are circling too much to do that, make vertical cuts. They will grow back. It is very important that the roots make immediate contact with the backfill soil.


Do not step or walk on the finished planting hole. Walking on soil covering tree roots causes soil compaction. Mulch will help reduce soil compaction.

Things You'll Need.

Place to plant your tree
Scissors (optional)
Knife (optional)
Watering can
Popular brand of slow release fertilizer (optional)
Measuring sticks
Compost or composted manure (available in 18.1 kg bags from most nurseries, garden centers, or hardware stores)

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